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Kick off your Spartan journey with our races at Windsor!

What is a Spartan Race?

A Spartan Race is not just an event; it’s a way of life. It’s a race that will push you beyond your limits and show you what your truly capable of. The first of its kind to feature timing and global rankings, Spartan Race provides a proving ground for beginner and elite obstacle racers looking to test themselves in new ways across the world.

Windsor As the last race of the 2017 season, the new Windsor course is set to be epic so be prepared for some exciting surprises throughout the course (hint: we're headed into the woods!). The event is set to be the biggest Spartan Race in UK history - so do not miss out. All Obstacles in our races include everything from crawling under barbwire, carrying heavy Atlas balls to climbing ropes and 8-foot walls. Is it easy? Of course not. But nothing worth achieving in life ever is! There are two main Spartan Race formats to enter in Windsor:

The Sprint The Reebok Spartan Sprint puts endurance aside and tests your quickness through 5km+ loaded with over 20 obstacles. A great starter distance for beginners, or a perfect test against time for the more advanced racer. It’s only 5km, but we guarantee you’ll be a different person when you cross the finish line.

The Beast
The Reebok Spartan Beast is just plain hard. This is our longest and most difficult race out of our three main race types and is aptly named for its brutal 20km+ circuit with more than 30 obstacles that try to keep you from your finish line.

Junior Race We also offer races for under 14s. These races, 1.5km in distance, have an emphasis on teamwork, fun and getting muddy!

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Windsor Great Park plays host to the final weekend of the 2017 season and is a fantastic location to round things off in style. Just south of the historic town of Windsor, the Great Park is one of the most beautiful parts of country. This year we’ve set a brand-new course that will take you through some of the epic woodland that the park is known for and giving you a final opportunity to tackle our new 2017 obstacles. It features our final Spartan Sprint of the year: designed to allow anyone to enjoy the Spartan experience. At 5km+ (20+ Obstacles) it is perfect for athletes of all levels. It is sure to be an unforgettable weekend, so sign up now and prove to yourself what you’re capable of! Sign up for a FastPass to get VIP access or a camping pass to make it the ultimate Spartan Race weekend.


Begin your journey to the start line with our exclusive "Couch to Sprint" workout plan. Our program makes starting easy, gradually getting you Spartan fit with five weeks of workouts. Find out what it takes to become spear throwing, mud crawling and wall climbing ready for your Sprint debut.

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